The ZLATÁ HUSA GALLERY fund administers one of the largest, publicly accessible, private art collections in the Czech Republic.

Dr. Vladimír Železný, the owner of the collection, has been collecting masterpieces of Czech fine art since 1997. At that time, the market offered some excellent artwork. Some were gradually recovered from state funds, others obtained from the descendants of the original collectors either directly or through auctions. We must also keep in mind the fact that a considerable number of artworks have been returned to the Czech Republic from abroad thanks to the praiseworthy personal commitment and substantial costs.

However, another important source of the acquisition was the ateliers of artists from '60s who were familiar to Dr. Vladimír Železný, and he admired them as a young columnist and journalist. Mutual respect and the correct overriding relationships of these different worlds have enabled Dr. Železný, in many cases, obtaining permission to collect many convolutions, directly from the creators.

Although, the underlying endowment Trust, of approximately 1,000 works was established in 2000. At present, the Trust manages around 1,700 items consists of paintings, sculptures, and art on papers from 1900 to 1969.

Furthermore, this rich collection is also a vital source of material for exhibitions by other institutions which often appear at the art gallery “Zlatá Husa” asking a favor to borrow this artwork. Undoubtedly, we are proud to say that, without borrowing from “Husa,” nowadays it is not possible to attend any larger exhibitions in the Czech Republic, whether they are state institutions such as the National Gallery or smaller private galleries. At the same time, we are pleased to notice the growing interest of international institutions in the presentation of Czech fine art. Although, masterpieces of artwork from the collection of Dr.Vladimír Železný also conquers prestigious exhibition halls, e.g., in London, New York, Vienna, and Paris.