The Zlata Husa Gallery News

10. 6. 2024

The Zlata Husa Gallery News
Dear friends of Galerie Zlatá husa,

currently, Galerie Zlatá husa is closed to the public.

And many of you may already suspect why...

The moment has arrived!
We are thrilled to announce that our long-awaited exhibition, which we have been teasing you about for some time, will take place from June 15th to September 8th at the Museum Kampa @museumkampa.

It is a great honor for us that this significant cultural institution has become our partner in the year when Galerie Zlatá husa celebrates its 25th anniversary.

We look forward to seeing you,
Vladimír and Konstancie Železný

Thanks to this unique opportunity to utilize the beautiful and generous exhibition spaces, you can look forward to an exhibition entitled ⬇️⬇️⬇️

"Husa na Kampě / collector Vladimír Železný"

Behind the somewhat cryptic title "Husa na Kampě" hides a representative exhibition of the collection of Vladimír Železný, where visitors will encounter works by the most prominent figures of Czech modern art. On display will be pieces by Jan Zrzavý, Emil Filla, Toyen, Jindřich Štyrský, and Jiří Kars. From post-war art, there will be works by Květa Válová, Jan Koblasa, and especially Mikuláš Medek. The collection is curated by Galerie Zlatá husa, which celebrates its twenty-fifth anniversary this year, hence the exhibition's name referring to the gallery. The selection of works for the exhibition was personally curated by Vladimír Železný, a key figure in contemporary Czech collecting. According to his own words, he aims to showcase the transformation of Czech art over one human lifetime, from Max Švabinský's "Splynutí duší" from 1901 to Mikuláš Medek's pinnacle informel canvases from the mid-1960s.

Source: @museumkampa